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Live Wire Radio

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Hosted by the incredible Luke Burbank and announcer Elena Passarello, Live Wire Radio, a live-recorded radio show, is back in Eugene for one night only at the Hult Center on Friday, February 17th at 8pm! Join in on a night of in-depth interviews and live performances featuring award-winning environmental writer and journalist Erica Berry, decorated long distance runner and author Lauren Fleshman, viral stand-up comedian Abby Govindan, and live music from vocalist Baroque Betty with Mood Area 52!

Hult Presents

As one of the most decorated American distance runners of all time, having won five NCAA championships at Stanford and two national championships, Lauren Fleshman is an athletic force to be reckoned with. Alongside her successful sports career, she is also a talented writer. Her debut book Good for a Girl: My Life Running in a Man’s World is part memoir and part manifesto that follows the story of how she fell in love with running and the struggles of being a professional female athlete. Her writing has appeared in The New York Times and Runner’s World. She is the brand strategy advisor for Oiselle, a fitness apparel company for women, and the co-founder of Picky Bars, a natural food company.

Portland-based writer Erica Berry knows when to cry wolf on the page, and she does so beautifully. In her debut book Wolfish, a kaleidoscopic blend of memoir, environmental writing, and societal criticism, Berry studies the cultural legacy of the wolf. She was the winner of the 2018 Steinberg Essay Prize and a 2018 AWP Intro Journals Award, and has received multiple grants, fellowships, and residencies for her writing. She also teaches writing workshops at Literary Arts and elsewhere. Her essays and journalism have appeared in The Guardian, Literary Hub, and The New York Times Magazine, among many others.

Abby Govindan is not like other girls: she likes pink, loves iced coffee from Dunkin, and prides herself on only dating guys taller than her. When the 25 year old comedian and writer from Houston, Texas is not uploading cute selfies on Instagram, you can see her performing stand-up all over the country. Since pursuing comedy 5 years ago, she has amassed a following of over 250,000 people across all social media platforms, but she wants you to know that the fame hasn’t changed her one bit. She is currently touring the country with her hour How To Embarrass Your Immigrant Parents.

Commentators who like to keep things neatly slotted into place have struggled with defining the musical stylings of Baroque Betty, precisely because she defies simple categorization. Though the string-laden melodies occasionally anchor her in the territories of folk, bluegrass, or minim­ali­st rock, she’s more at home as a wanderer, as a musician crafting sound from the cracks in-between. It’s from these quirky, deeper, sometimes darker places that Baroque Betty’s voice reaches up, takes you by the hand, and sweeps you along on an entrancing musical journey. Baroque Betty has built a dedicated fan base as well as winning much admiration amongst prominent peers, including one of the leading figures in modern-day bluegrass – Woody Platt. The lead singer of Steep Canyon Rangers describes Betty’s sound as “striking” and “spectacular.”

Accompanying Baroque Betty are the sensational, local superstars Mood Area 52. They’re a Eugene based creative collective and band that writes and performs major and minor original songs, plays classic film soundtracks, accompanies other artists, and has been supporting the local arts scene through sweat equity since 1998. Current active members include Michael Roderick, Amy Danziger, Billy Barnett, Don Elkington, Julia Frantz, Corwin Bolt, Dan Schmid, and Kee Zublin.