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Photo of 10x10 series artist Tolliver

10x10 Series: Tolliver

Soreng Theater

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Tolliver is the son of a preacher, but his music is anything but holy. His songs are a gumbo of soul, funk, pop and camp, as funny as they are soul-baring. His recent EP ‘Daddyland’ is about reconnecting with his late father via the astral plane, and realizing that he has more in common with his devout-yet-very-flawed father than he ever knew. The LA-via-Chicago singer is a dance floor demon. He marries a Midwest work ethic with a never-ending love of parties and poppin off, and those conflicting desires drive his creativity. He makes pop records with frank lyrics about redemption and relapse, and twerking at the altar of one’s mind. Daddyland was recently in KCRW’s top 10 albums, with each song from the project in steady rotation. He’s been compared to everyone from War to Al Green to Andre 3000, an ethereal-yet-gritty soul survivor. In February of 2022 Tolliver made his late-night television debut performing his single ‘Say What’ on The Late Late Show with James Corden. This past summer Tolliver embarked on his first ever west coast tour to support the LP in and headlined KCRW’s SUMMER NIGHTS series in Los Angeles.

Why you’ll love it:

You’re in for an experience with Tolliver. And you’d better be ready to dance because once Tolliver’s modern, fabulous, funk takes hold there’s no stopping it! Do yourself a favor and go down the rabbit hole of Tolliver videos. Here’s a playlist to get you started. 

This performance is part of the 10×10 Series which offers our patrons access to incredible artists near and far for the low cost of $10 per ticket. Discover new artists and experiences at an upcoming 10 x 10 show. Learn more.

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Series Support:

This series is supported via a grant from Niland Jewel Hult Endowment – Arts Foundation of Western Oregon Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation.

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