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Summer Series: Juniper Djinn

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Clarinet dreamscapes amongst a sea of melodious waltzes, the billowing sounds of early traditional jazz and European folk music make up the core of Juniper Djinn. The duos originals reflect a familiar feeling of nostalgia and timeless tunes ingrained deep within traditional American and European jazz. The duo is best known for their live performances in which they play an array of classic jazz standards, French musettes, early European folk music, and regularly feature other musicians. Singer, clarinet player, and guitarist Jessica Fleet leads the group with a voice that has been described as an angel and a demon singing in harmony with her powerful vocals, dynamic vocal range, and deep growl. Famed Baby Gramps quoted her as his “favorite singer” and compared her to the great Bessie Johnson. Multi-instrumentalist Bill Stoller completes the duo with his notable guitar playing, rhythmic accompaniment, and upright bass on their albums. With over a decade playing old time jazz professionally they bring a powerful musical array to the stage with each show. This time joined by multi-talented performer Aurelia Anne Cohen on accordion and multi-instrumentalist May Edington on mandolin and tenor banjo.

Hult Presents

Find our Summer Series events outside at the Hult Plaza near the 7th Street entrance!

Why You’ll Love It:

Echoes of the 30s Jazz Era and compelling folk melodies frame a lilting clarinet that runs through Juniper Djinn’s track list. Marked by a comforting nostalgia, Juniper Djinn’s trademark sound leaves listeners lost in a distant time and place and reels them back in with Jessica Fleets striking vocals.