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Sanibonani (Hello, How Are You?)

Soreng Theater

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Tickets starting at: $19.50

Sanibonani (Hello, How Are You?) is collaborative, innovative, global afro theater. A masterful team of internationally renowned artists, led by Cirque du Soleil alum Tumelo Michael Moloi, takes us on a journey through the forests and mines of Africa. African history told through song, dance, and poetry reminds us of its connection to US history. A special group of performers with experience all over the world with acts as different as the circus is from Usher and Usher is from Pink Martini. If you’re passionate about music, history, and collaboration, consider joining us and together we can create something special that resonates with audiences today and for generations to come.

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Tickets starting at: $19.50 Get Tickets
Tickets starting at: $19.50 Get Tickets