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10x10 Series: BettySoo

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BettySoo’s vocal prowess is a thing of wonder. A world-class instrument of deft phrasing and purity, a voice that knows when to hold back and when to dive in. At her own live shows, taking a verse onstage with friends or singing harmonies in sessions with Austin’s finest, BettySoo sings with consummate loveliness and self-assurance. A voice that knows the roots of American music inside and out; coming from a most unexpected place – a diminutive Korean-American with a deceptively girl-next-door demeanor.


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Why You’ll Love It:

Acoustic Guitar Magazine says, “BettySoo may well have the most gorgeous voice in Texas …if not in all contemporary folk – its purity and strength can be downright devastating.” With a sound deeply rooted in Americana, BettySoo’s sincere voice, rich guitar work, and excellent song writing are nothing short of captivating!

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