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Black and white photo of a female singer with a white, electric guitar

Black Belt Eagle Scout, On the River - Hult Center Exclusive Performance

Black Belt Eagle Scout performs a cut off her new album The Land, The Water, The Sky before taking the stage for her 10×10 Series show. Sit back and enjoy this live performance of “On the River.”

“On the River was written at the very beginning of the pandemic, when I desperately wanted to return to my home in Swinomish. I wanted to manifest a life living along the water, and more specifically along the Skagit River. This song was meant to bring my initial plan for a journey to fruition, speaking out loud my desires to be a river person. My people have a strong connection to this river, living and fishing along it since time immemorial. I wanted that same feeling they felt paddling down the river, a feeling that we still feel in the present day. I would eventually move back a few months after this song was written to a beautiful place along our waterways.” – Black Belt Eagle Scout

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