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10x10 Series Image

Hult Presents: 10x10 Series

The 10 x 10 Series offers our patrons access to incredible artists near and far for the low cost of $10 per ticket. Discover new artists and experiences at an upcoming 10 x 10 show.

Have a listen to the 10×10 lineup!

VIP POSTER INFORMATION: Don’t forget to snag your limited edition posters by Threadbare at the Hult Center table in the lobby before the show!

Series Support:

This series is supported via a grant from Nils and Jewel Hult Endowment – Arts Foundation of Western Oregon Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation.

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Photo of 10x10 series artist Tolliver

10x10 Series: Tolliver

Soreng Theater
Photo of 10x10 series artist Gina Chavez

10x10 Series: Gina Chavez

Soreng Theater