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A view of the Hult Center from the stage with text IDEA


IDEA Statement:

The Hult Center believes that arts are a human right. We are dedicated to dismantling barriers to access and inclusion and are committed to bringing the arts to all.

IDEA Values

Accessibility: We are committed to being proactive in the way we invite people through our spaces, remove barriers to participation and the nature in which we engage our community.  

Inclusivity: We are devoted to creating a welcoming and safe environment where all people are valued and respected.  

Engagement: We believe community is essential for the arts and the foundation of that relationship is built on learning, sharing, and connecting from and with our community to create sparks of possibility.

Integrity: We take responsibility for our actions, welcome feedback and learn from our mistakes.

Transformative: We are committed to anti-racism and evolving to overcome past discrimination, be better and become agents of change.


Starting in our 2022-2023 season, the Hult Center will produce an annual impact report showing and measuring our different IDEA projects and outcomes.