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New Music and Other Good Stuff - April 2021

Welcome to the April round-up of new music and other good stuff!

Each month we’ll be checking with staff and others in our circles to find out what has been catching their eyes, ears and hearts in the world of performance. We encourage you to don your best explorer’s hat and venture out to discover something new.


Hania Rani – Soleil Pâle (Official Video) Directed by Neels Castillon

Selected by: Rich Hobby – Director of Marketing

I’ve been on a bit of a bender with Hania Rani, a Polish pianist/composer who has been on a hot-streak of releases via Gondwana Records as of late. Her compositions and style of playing are intoxicating to both the ear and mind. The flowing hypnotic and ethereal structure of her songs has been the perfect pairing for the transitions of spring and balance of warm and cold. Her newest single and video from the forthcoming “Music for Film and Theatre” is a breathtaking collaboration with Director Neels Castillon and dance duo Alt Take set to the stunning backdrop of sunset over Paris.

If this video fits your fancy – be sure to treat your peepers to another dance and video collaboration for Hania’s song “F Major“.

Films.Dance – Jacob Jonas The Company (in partnership with Somewhere Magazine)

Selected by: Vicki Infinito – Director of Programming

I follow Jacob Jonas The Company on Instagram and they always do some amazingly beautiful videos with their dancers. I went down a rabbit hole on their website and started watching these dance films they produce with dancers and choreographers around the world. They are just so beautiful and make me super happy.

Freya Ridings – Lost Without You

Selected by: Abbey Aronica – Marketing Coordinator

I recently stumbled across this YouTube video of Freya Ridings singing in a train station and after listening for 30 seconds, I was completely hooked on her voice. She has such a unique, deep sound and sings with so much raw emotion that it’s hard not to keep listening. I looked into her a little more and learned that she actually has severe dyslexia, and as a kid, she was written off as someone who had no hope of writing or reading music. So many teachers gave up on her, so she taught herself a lot of the fundamentals and I have so much respect for her doing that; I’m a sucker for a good comeback story.

Morgan Harper Nichols – “How Far You Have Come”

Selected by: Jennifer Cumberworth – Education Coordinator

This past year I stumbled upon an amazing artist and poet, Morgan Harper Nichols. Her book “How Far You Have Come” was released today and contains poetry and art that she created this past year. She has such a beautiful way of looking at difficult or tragic situations and feelings, and reimagining them – embracing the vulnerability. I also feel her art invites you to be both self-reflective and still daydream. On May 2nd, she is hosting a special virtual event that includes storytelling, poetry and a copy of her book!

Watch for new lists of good stuff and always be sure to share your own finds in the comments on our social posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok!