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May 2024 Notebook

Welcome to The Notebook. Every month explore the new sounds that the Hult Center team are listening to.

Daniel O – Content and Design Coordinator

The 12 year old me definitely would’ve told you Guster was the biggest band in the world. The 16 year old me was super stoked every time the physical newsletter arrived in the mail. And the 21 year old me couldn’t believe Brian started using drumsticks on 2003’s Keep It Together because his doctor said he couldn’t use his hands anymore. Ok, so Guster may not have reached “biggest band in the world” status, but their 33 year long career is filled with amazing music and some of my favorite songs ever. They come out of the pandemic age with Ooh La La, a delightful album with beautiful guitar, rich piano and always stunning vocal work. But I think what I love most about the record is just how good it makes me feel. It’s 37 minutes of positivity and I haven’t had that in a long long time.

GusterOoh La La

Hard-Fi is back after 10 years without missing a beat. “Don’t Go Making Plans” marks a strong return to the (under appreciated in America) post-punk British act. A horn section works in harmony with dance synth and Clash inspired guitar work, and it grooves like a summer weekend block party. Part anti-authority anthem, part dance track, “Don’t Go Making Plans” is just 1 track of 4 on an upcoming EP with the same name.

Hard-Fi – Don’t Go Making Plans

Eryn H – Marketing Coordinator

In just over a week Hermanos Gutiérrez will release their latest album Sonido Cósmico. For the wait, the brothers gifted listeners with an incandescent four-piece single Barrio Hustle featuring tracks off the upcoming record, produced by Dan Auerbach. Each track on Barrio Hustle frames an undeniable and irresistible rhythm running beneath the rare brand of strings and vapor that make the duo immediately recognizable. Stand out track “Low Sun” is intuitive and hypnotic, crossing broad swaths of time and space in the span of three all-too-short minutes.

Hermanos GutiérrezBarrio Hustle

Rich H – Director of Marketing

When I fly I tend to try and find albums and artists that are relaxing, since flying can sometimes (correction: always) be…stressful. One artist that keeps finding their way into those playlists is Manchester, U.K. based Caoilfhionn Rose, who just released the full length album Constellation, which is a gorgeous collection of dreamy songs that are reminiscent of nature and the beauty around us. The earworm of the album has to be “Josephine” which just pulls you into a state of chilled bliss through a delicate arrangement that brings her calming vocals to the forefront. A close second is “Rainfall” which has a lovely weaving of guitar and piano with Caoilfhionn’s vocals slipping to a more ghostly presence underneath. I may or may not have listened to this 3-4 times on repeat between NY and EUG and loved every moment. Oh, and as I’m sure you’re wondering, the pronunciation sounds like “Keelan”.

Caoilfhionn RoseConstellation

Evan G – Marketing Coordinator 

Big Special’s debut album, Postindustrial Hometown Blues, is another great addition to the post-punk revival taking place in Britain at the moment. At its core, the album is a raw and energetic exploration into the modern working-class life. With lyrics exploring topics like the decline of industry and disillusionment with society, it’s a wonder that the album still feels full to the brim with humor and hopefulness. What really made this album stand out for me was its eclectic mix of genres. It takes classic post-punk instrumentation and carefully blends in elements of Rock, Soul, and Electronica (amongst other things), to create a really unique and engaging listen. I think Postindustrial Hometown Blues is an exciting first leap for Big Special. I look forward to seeing what the duo gets up to next. And for now, I will be waiting, fingers crossed, for a US tour.

Big SpecialPostindustrial Hometown Blues

Dusty A – Talent Buyer 

The Red Clay Strays are dropping a new album Made by Those Moments in July and based on their new single “Wanna Be Loved” it should not disappoint. The lead singer Brand Coleman has such a unique voice which catches your attention immediately. The lyrics are meaningful and full of emotion. If you are into a blend of country and electric rock and roll, I would highly recommend listening to them.

The Red Clay StraysWanna Be Loved

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