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Interview: Getting to know The Black Tones

There are some bands that make a splash, and others that make a wave. When it comes to The Black Tones, the twin bother and sister rock duo of Eva and Cedric Walker, that wave is downright tectonic. For the past few years we’ve seen the band grow from a standard club opener to playing some of the biggest events in Seattle. While the pandemic kept them tucked away up north for a bit, they are now ready to start hitting the road and bringing their punk and blues infused rock to new stages across the US.

We wanted to learn more about the band before they arrive at the Hult for their 10×10 concert on October 16, so we connected with guitarist and vocalist Eva Walker to ask a few questions:


Give us a quick recap of your origin story. What’s it like to start a band within the family? Did you always get along growing up?

We started a band after Cedric saw me perform at a local festival here in Seattle and decided he wanted to back me up. He asked me to teach him drums and we started our first drum lesson on our birthday which was in the summer. That fall we had our first show! Being in a band with my twin brother is the best arrangement ever! We grew up together so we don’t have to tip toe around each other, we have such clear communication. We can argue like siblings, no problem. Of course I’m usually right, but we won’t get into that here….

Black Tones

10x10 Series: The Black Tones

You released your debut album “Cobain & Cornbread” in 2019 and it quickly became a local sensation, what was it like to see your music find an audience? Any track or portion of the album that means the most to you?

It’s really great to create something that other people care about and enjoy. I write a lot of these songs sitting in my room, doodling around on guitar and thinking no one will ever hear it. I can’t make people like what I do. I can’t force people to buy our music. I don’t have that power. So the fact that the music itself has that power and people WANT to listen to it, WANT buy it and genuinely like it, feels damn good!

One of the songs that really mean a lot to us is Plaid Pants. That’s a song about our maternal grandparents who, along with our amazing mother, helped raise us. We were very close to them and they had a significant impact on our lives. That song is dedicated to them, their memory and their influence.

You record as a duo – is it just the two of you on the road – or a larger band?

Cedric and I played tons and tons of shows together as a two piece. But now we like to have bass! We have Brandon (aka Ezekiel Lords) on bass usually during live shows and my husband Jake on bass for recordings. Sometimes Jake will also hop on the organ for live shows and my mom and sister will sing back up vocals during our six piece set up. But typically you can count on the three piece for most of the shows.

Our 10×10 series is aimed at discovering new favorite artists – are there any artists you’ve recently discovered yourselves that we should check out? 

There is a TON of great music in the NW! Here’s just a few of our favs:

Black Ends, Warren Dunes, Jango, Vanna Oh!, Tres Leches, Mr. Dinkles, New Track City, Chong the Nomad. Just to name a few!

Snag your $10 tickets and don’t miss your chance to see The Black Tones when they stop by on October 16!

Interview by Rich Hobby