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October Notebook Header

Hult Center Notebook, October 2022

We’d like to welcome House of Records into our Notebook series! If this is your first time checking it out, every month we look back at our playlists and pick our favorite new releases. Discover new music with us and tune into the Hult Center Notebook.

House of Records

Blue Rev – Alvvays: A nice mix of sunny pop and shoegaze, with a little R.E.M. jangle thrown in once in a while. The catchy tunes are timeless, hard to pin down to a particular era or even to compare to another artist. The production is big, with lots of reverb, and nicely balanced by the crisp drumming. Vocalist Molly Rankin is buried a little in the mix, yet her charm comes through loud and clear. This is one of those records that grows on you with subsequent listens.


House of Records in Eugene, Oregon has wall to wall vinyl. Punk, jazz, soundtracks, rock, whatever your heart desires.

258 E 13th Ave, Eugene, OR 97401

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Daniel Olbrych – Content and Design Coordinator

Fat Chance EP Version – We Were Promised Jetpacks: Fat Chance is a great song. But Fat Chance EP Version is an amazing one. I absolutely love this new rendition. Singer Adam Thompson has never sounded better. There is a maturity to this performance that is unlike anything we’ve heard from Jetpacks before. I reminds me of Glen Hansard (The Frames), see Grace Beneath the Pines. 

Edging – Blink 182: Edging marks the return of the (kind of) original lineup of Blink-182. And it’s got all the ingredients one might need to write a pop punk song. It kicks off with some phased out drums followed by the nasally words of Tom DeLonge. Tom’s voice is essential to the sound that was absent in the Matt Skiba era (California, Nine). Though I’ll miss what Skiba brought to the table. Fortunately, Alkaline Trio are  alive and well. So Edging is a fine song. It’s not great. It’s not bad. It’s safe and that’s ok. I’m just happy that Mark Hoppus is cancer free and that Blink-182 is putting out new music.

Alone in an Uber – Rose Betts: The delightful new single from Rose Betts closes out October for me. What starts as a solemn number changes it up at the halfway mark and makes for quite a fun little ride. Rose’s vocals continue to impress and her skills as a songwriter absolutely shine here. 

Dusty Adair – Talent Buyer

Girl, Men I Trust: This song popped up on my playlist and I am glad it did. This is a great duet with lyrics in English and French. It starts with a deep vocal, then you hear a sweet and soft voice join in. The song has a mysterious and romantic vibe.

Pleasing People, Alex Amor: This song is the final track from her second EP, The Art of Letting Go. It is exhausting if you are someone that worries about others and often wants to keep the peace. This song is about putting yourself first and not worrying about others or what they think.

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Rich Hobby – Director of Marketing

Some Kind of Peace – Piano Reworks: Some Kind of Peace is the phenomenal album originally released by Icelandic composer, Olafur Arnalds, in the midst of the pandemic in 2020. The Hult Center was very lucky to have Olafur perform here in the summer of 2023 (link to images) and it still may be my favorite performance of the year. So, consider me the happiest chap in the valley when I found out he has released a gorgeous version of the album, this time featuring reworks of each track of the original album but re-envisioned by an amazing line-up of musicians including Eydis Evensen, Hania Rani, Lambert, and more. Each song seems to have a gravitational weight of a hug you only just realized you’d perish without. Amazing music that will add color to any grey day that faces you this fall.

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Abbey Aronica– Marketing Manager

God Save the Animals – Alex G: I’m always down to sing the praises of a fellow Pennsylvanian and Alex G makes that an extremely easy task. Alex G has a history of giving us perspectives of fictional characters and in this album, his signature quirkiness comes out as he channels the healing power of animals and gives us a unique outlook on their perspectives. He paints such a clear yet simple picture throughout the album. Certain singles like “Cross the Sea” and “Ain’t It Easy” wrap you up in a warm blanket and instill a sense of calm that carries throughout this album. I definitely recommend this artist for fans of indie & folk rock, as well as listeners who just want to go along for a story.

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