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May Notebook Header

Hult Center Notebook, May 2022

May was jam packed with entertainment. Lots of really good releases, surprises, a new Star Wars show, and this is only the beginning of what looks to be an amazing summer.

Daniel Olbrych – Design and Content Coordinator

Great Art, Maximo Park: The new song by Maximo Park, Great Art is a return to form. A synth kick-off abruptly turns into a rocking staccato guitar riff which rolls right into the chorus all before one minute. I love the heck out of this song.

Reckless, Reckless – Anyway Gang: I guess I’m in a mood… but I’m totally connecting with this Canadian best attempt at britpop. This song in particular could easily be mistaken as The Charlatans. Not a bad problem to have. I don’t know much about Anyway Gang, or any of the bands the members are associated with, but consider my interest peaked.

The Last Man on Earth  (Lullaby Version), Wolf Alice: The lullaby version of a great song absolutely shines in this stripped down form. This new take comes from an upcoming EP, Blue Lullaby, which will feature a handful of ‘lullaby versions’ of songs from their acclaimed album, Blue Weekend. It reminds me of when garage rockers Beach Slang released Quiet Slang, Everything Matters But No One Is Listening, which substituted dirty guitar for piano and cello.

The Foundations of Decay, My Chemical Romance: My Chemi surprised everyone with a new song. Emo’s not dead!

Maximo Park single cover art
BOWIE graphic novel cover art

Rich Hobby – Director of Marketing

BOWIE: Stardust, Rayguns, & Moonage Daydreams, by Michael AllredSteve Horton, and Laura Allred: I’m a little late to the game on this one as this graphic novel was released in 2019 and also from local comic legend Michael Allred. It’s a gorgeous telling of the life of Bowie and his personas and I’m loving the incredible artwork and storytelling as they truly connect with the legendary artist in a touching way.

Check out what Rollingstone had to say about it.

Snag it at a local bookstore or comic shop – extra points if at our friends at Books with Pictures!

Havana Swim Club (Self-titled), Havana Swim Club: It happened. We had a consistently sunny weekend and now my mind and earholes are craving lighter tones and sunnier vibes and this release from 2021 from Havana Swim Club instantly fit my need for a solar soundtrack as it spans lush and tropical styles from bossanova and beyond. Of course, the rain returned and summer can be spotty shy of July in the PNW, but this is one album to have ready to roll once the rays return.

Give that Wolf a Banana (Eurovision 2022), Subwoolfer: I’m quickly becoming a diehard fan of Eurovision and the insane batch of artists and songs that come out each year and I’m 100% unashamed of my love for this silly slapper via Norway’s Subwoolfer. It’s the costumes and the hilarious chorus that just won’t depart my brain bucket and has me humming the “ooo, ooo, ohs” all day long. Plus it’s pro grandma’s and healthy snacks – so a total win/win.

Blake Argotsinger – Marketing Manager

It’s been a good month of listening to new music. My highlights are a new album from a great Iowa band, The Envy Corps as well as a new music video and song from Delicate Steve featuring MANY cameos of notable musicians. 

Born in Fog, The Envy Corps: The Envy Corps holds a special place on my liked playlist on Spotify. Screen Test (Kids Gloves, 2009) is an immediate mood altering, windows down kind of song that often leads into indulging full album listens. You definitely get Radiohead influences. So getting music from The Smile and then the first full-length album from The Envy Corps since 2011 is a pretty nice treat. Give it a listen.  

Playing in a Band, Delicate Steve: There are some serious cameos in this music video for Delicate Steve’s latest release, Playing in a Band. If you’ve never listened or better yet seen one of Delicate Steves songs/videos you should start with Tattered. And then probably watch his Tiny Desk Concert. And then just continue down the rabbit hole of bliss that’s created by Delicate Steve’s tight-lipped guitar shredding.   

Delicate Steve holding a guitar
Soccer Mommy Album Art

Abbey Aronica – Marketing Coordinator

Bones, Soccer Mommy: I stumbled across this new single from Soccer Mommy over the weekend and it was the perfect blend of melancholy & catchy for a rainy day. This is the third single released for their upcoming album “Sometimes, Forever”. Unlike the other releases, this song is definitely a little darker, as Sophie Allison details the unravelling of a relationship. I’m a sucker for a sad song, regardless of my mood, and these lyrics were extremely moving.

Weather Alive, Beth Orton: Another new find from today actually (shoutout to Spotify for clearly sensing a theme of me loving moody music). This is her first release in about 6 years, so I’m definitely inspired to dive a little deeper into this artist. Her sound is a mix of electronic and folk, which comes together in a smooth, psychedelic way. Giving this song extra points for also having a beautiful music video.


What did you listen to? Let us know!

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