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Hult Center Notebook, March 2022

We listen to a lot of music. A lot. So in an effort to streamline our sonic headspace we’ve created a playlist for your listening pleasure. It includes everything we’ve ever discussed in our Notebook series in the order in which it was mentioned since the start of 2022 and keep it going throughout the year.

Thanks for reading… errr… listening, and enjoy.

Daniel Olbrych – Design and Content Coordinator

32 – Cold Years: My March started off with the dynamite that is a new song by the Scottish punk trio Cold Years called ’32.’ It’s the first song off of their new album ‘Goodbye To Misery’ due out April 22, so expect to see them on this list again soon.

The Liars Club – Coheed and Cambria: Then I got hit by a new Coheed and Cambria track, ‘The Liars Club.’ My love hate relationship with them continues. 

Lions – Rose Betts: And while I sleep better knowing rock and roll is alive and well… Rose Betts is a treasure and her album White Orchids is the strongest debut I’ve heard in a decade. Betts’ vocals are stunning and I find new things to love about these songs with each listen.

Rich Hobby – Director of Marketing

Prepare good people, for the great avalanche of albums appears to be upon us! Based on my new album notifications this is only a slight exaggeration, and I am so here for it. I could go on for ages, but instead will highlight three artists and songs that currently have me by the feels.

I’m Numbers – Emily Wells: – Regards to the End (Released 2022)
This first track on the new album “Regards to the End” sets the tone with gorgeous synth pop compositions adorned with catchy hooks and melody. Am I excited to see her on April 22 for our 10×10 series. ONLY LIKE A WHOLE LOT.

Power Power (feat. Shaun Ross) – Duckwrth:  – Single (Release March 2022)
Some songs are just for made for sunshine, and this is one that is primed for heavy play for upcoming sunny days. Driving rhythms and relentlessly smooth lyrical flow make this track an instant mood lifter.

Kyiv – Hania Rani: This stark and delicate composition by Polish artist Hania Rani really hit me. Its notes are both tragic and beautiful in a way that reminds you of the real impacts of conflict. The track is available via her label with all proceeds to be donated to Ukrainian relief efforts.

Lee Alberts – Food & Beverage Director

The Lightning I, II – Arcade Fire: I like this new Arcade Fire song. It gets back to their roots of the first couple albums and has that great Arcade Fire sound.

Emeka Ogu – Box Office Assistant Manager

Chop Suey – The Dead South: I always loved listening to the original version, and I discovered this band a few years ago and they have been consistently putting out great music and videos.


Energy Follows Thought – Willie Nelson: Willie has been dropping gems for decades and this octogenarian is still making good music. I Willie like this song. RIP Bobbi Lee Nelson.

Abbey Aronica – Marketing Coordinator

Who Cares? – Rex Orange County: Rex Orange County’s new album has been on repeat in my car since it was released on March 11. This is an album all about the journey to self-love, both the good and the bad. I also love how the album title can be taken in both a positive or negative way, depending on your outlook that day. Also, Rex Orange County is just an all-around adorable human being and it’s impossible not to like him (at least on a personal level).

Things Are Great – Band of Horses: The angsty tween in me has risen yet again with the release of Band of Horses’ new album. This album harkens back to the signature sound that defined the group with their first album in 2006 and I think it’s their best release in a long time. Also spoiler alert – the title of this album is DEFINITELY sarcastic which will become abundantly clear right off the bat with the opening track, Warning Signs. Fun Fact: I discovered this band when Liz Lee sang a cover of “The Funeral” on that MTV show “My Life as Liz” – anyone else remember that show?

Blake Argotsinger – Marketing Manager

Looking back at March a couple bands that work into my weekly listening had new releases. For me, it’s always a treat to work new music into my playlists. Here are a couple songs that stood out to me in the month of March.

Magenta Mountain – King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard: This band has been putting out eclectic albums for a few years now. The album, Omnium Gatherum, does not disappoint and is getting some lovely praise. The album is a result of spending an extraordinary time in lockdown.

Everything is Simple – Widows Peak: This song is off there new album The Jacket, released on March 11. Why I dig it? It’s dreamy. A bit psychedelic. It’s a perfect companion for a misty day with a coffee in hand.

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