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Local beer and cider tap handles

ENGAGE: Virtual Careers in the Arts - Food And Beverage Services

The Hult Center’s Education & Community Engagement Department  released another installment of their Virtual Careers in the Arts series last week. This series of interviews aims to allow students an opportunity to connect and learn how professionals in our venue developed their careers.

This session focused on Lee Alberts, the Hult Center’s Food & Beverage Manager. Lee is responsible for curating what kinds of tasty treats and refreshing drinks will be served at each kind of event offered in our halls. His job is not only focused on front of house operations dealing with direct customer service, but also catering, ordering supplies, monitoring inventory, tracking revenues from previous years/shows and so, SO much more. He might even share some of the weirdest celebrity food requests he’s gotten throughout the years (we don’t know why this is so interesting but it totally is!). This is definitely a job that requires so much more than what meets the eye.

Interested in watching live? You can head to our Education Programs page and sign up to receive Zoom information. Our next session will be on Tuesday, January 12 at 4 pm with very special guest Francesco Lecce-Chong, Music Director and Conductor at the Eugene Symphony!