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Revelers Aerial Works: The Dread Sea

Soreng Theater

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Tickets starting at: $40.00

The Dread Sea claims all who attempt to cross it. Whispers of unfathomable creatures call from the depths, ghost ships roll past, their crew long since missing, sirens call to lure sailors to their deaths, krakens break ships with their vicious tentacles, and bioluminescent deep sea fish threaten to pounce on those unfortunate enough to be tossed into the sea by looming storms. Will any of the brave crew make it home to tell the tale?

Travel through a stunning seascape filled with creature features, acro, dance, and of course, CIRCUS ARTS! Filled with never before seen apparatuses, classic circus arts, and high flying acts. As the cast of Revelers Aerial Works takes you on an aerial adventure on the high seas.

Revelers Aerial Works presents