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The Black Violin Experience

Silva Concert Hall

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The Black Violin Experience Tour showcases the two-time Grammy nominated duo Black Violin, brought to life by Kev Marcus and Wil Baptiste, invoking a mystifying musical fusion of exquisite classical sounds and exhilarating hip-hop beats. A concert performance that boldly merges centuries of music and unites audiences with a message of hope and possibility. Fans can expect to be immersed in a sound that transcends categories and celebrates ingenuity and ambition, proving anything is possible.

On stage, Kev Marcus gives an electrifying violin performance along with Wil Baptiste’s magnetizing viola and vocal performance. Joining them are Nat Stokes on drums, DJ SPS on the turntable, and Liston Gregory on keys. Together they are reconceptualizing what a violin concert looks and sounds like, building bridges to a place where Mozart, Marvin Gaye and Kendrick Lamar harmoniously coexist. Black Violin invites you to think outside of the box.

Listen to Take the Stairs Here:

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Why you’ll love it: 

Black Violin truly breaks musical boundaries every time they step on stage. Artists Kev Marcus & Wil Baptiste combine classical & hip-hop music seamlessly for a uniquely beautiful sound. The group focuses on inspiring youth, with a large emphasis on bringing in low-income students in urban areas, to involved in music. You can check out some of their music on Spotify: