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Education and Community Engagement

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The Hult Center for the Performing Arts’ Education and Community Engagement program is committed to removing barriers and increasing community access to a diverse selection of world-class presentations, performances and education experiences. Our initiatives strive to ignite a greater appreciation for art, culture and creativity within our community and beyond. The Hult Center believes that it is a right, not a privilege, that every community member has the opportunity to experience art and to develop their own creative capital regardless of skill level and/or socioeconomic status. Our programs are intended to enrich, inspire and engage, and highlight the tremendous impact the arts have on our daily lives.

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Hult Center for the Performing Arts

The Hult Center is relentless in leading with excellence, elevating the human spirit, strengthening our communities, and supporting economic vitality through the power and possibilities of the performing arts.
To be a cultural force that creates shared experiences that transform, engage and unite.