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On the Turntable with Sarah Harmer

The 10×10 Series continues March 13 with Sarah Harmer. The singer, songwriter and environmental activist has been resonating with listeners and making waves in the industry since her first release more than two decades ago. Her latest release  Are You Gone earned a Juno Awards of 2021 Nomination for Best Adult Alternative Album. Check out what is on Sarah’s playlist.

The following was provided to the Hult Center by Sarah Harmer.

La Force – XO Skeleton

La Force is Montreal’s Ariel Engle who possesses one of my all-time favourite voices. Xo Skeleton is her second album, nodding both to smooth R & B and angular indie rock. Stand out tracks –  “October” (I may have played it on a loop for days when it was released), “Empty Sympathy” and “How Do You Love a Man”.

Andy Shauf – Norm

Multi-instrumentalist, inventive producer and brilliant storyteller, Andy Shauf once again delivers on Norm. His melodic hooks, singular perspective and concise playing are undeniable. While his singing style may be an acquired taste for some, I’ve grown to love all of his records. Stand out songs “Wasted On You” and “Telephone”.

Jenn Grant – Champagne Problems

Prince Edward Island’s Jenn Grant is a charming and irrepressible force of nature. Champagne Problems is full of co-writes with fellow Canadian songwriters, and there are instant classics throughout. Hard to choose, but my faves include “Under The Overpass” w Slow Leaves, “Rattled By Your Love” w Joel Plaskett, and “How I Loved You” w Hannah Georgas.

Hannah Georgas – I’d Be Lying If I Said I Didn’t Care

Deceptively simple songwriting reveals deep hooks and lyrical nuance after multiple listens. Hannah is blessed with a brilliant voice and a gift for melodies that have staying power. Some of the sounds on this album remind me of high school, and my old love for New Order and The Psychedelic Furs. It’s a wonderful album of both intimate, first-person emotion and anthemic release.

Land of Talk – Performances

This is Land of Talk’s sixth album and I’ve loved every one they’ve put out since 2006. Performances is a gentler collection, written, performed and engineered by LOT’s Elizabeth Powell. Highly recommend their full catalogue, which shows off Powell’s mad guitar skills and timeless melodies. One of the only bands where I often don’t know or care about the words because the vocals and melodies are more than enough to fill me up.

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