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Interview with The Brother Brothers

While our next featured artists for our 10 x 10 Series do have an actual hometown I have to feel their first instinct, when asked, would be to list “The Road”. Mainly because that’s been where David and Adam Moss, twin brothers who perform as The Brother Brothers have spent a good amount of their time pre-pandemic and currently.

The bands Facebook page describe themselves as having “literally twin harmonies” in a cheeky nod to their actual twin status, but I found it to barely scratch the surface of the soothing, nuanced melodies and messages contained within their songs. Their compositions are delicate and well suited for the folk/country tone that some could also batch under Americana. Throughout my listening I continuously found myself splitting my focus between thoughtful lyrics and expert musicianship that combine for some glorious storytelling that carries you along for the ecstatic highs and all-too-real lows of the human experience.

I was lucky to find time in their very busy schedules to speak with David and Adam to find out a little more about them before they take the stage on August 22 including their connections to Oregon Country Fair, reaching the peak of Spotify Mountain, and what the last year+ has been like for them as touring musicians.

Two brothers standing side by side in black & white

The Brother Brothers - August 22, 2021

Is this your first time coming to Eugene?

TBB: It actually is not. We played there a few years ago at Sam Bonds and also used to travel there to perform at Oregon Country Fair, as individuals before we started performing together. Those experiences at the Fair changed our lives and allowed us to make some incredible friends.

Your new album “Calla Lily” was released in 2021. Was this an album you worked on over the pandemic or prior?

TBB: (laughs) it was prior and was recorded in 2018 in Woodinville, WA and was an amazing experience. We stayed there for two weeks and even wrote a good number of songs while in the studio. We had planned to release the album in late 2019, but then pushed it to early 2020. It wasn’t long until we decided to push again to April of 2021.

Calla Lily Playlist via YouTube

How did you all cope during the pandemic with the loss of live performances? What was your first return to the stage like?

TBB: When we were living in New York City we banded together with other artists to take on project. We were doing a number of “Song a Day” challenges. With people being stuck at home we had no excuses to make it happen and some really beautiful stuff came out of it. Then, once we saw that it was going to be a long-haul Adam took off to Santa Barbara where he learned to surf and make bagels while I (David) did other stuff like learn to sharpen knives and also remodel a camper.

Returning to the road was incredible and we’ve been touring with Keb Mo since July and has been a real nice time.

You make light of being twins with the slogan “Literally twin harmonies”, what is your creative process like as brothers? What does your family think of the duo?

TBB: Its ever evolving. We were initially wary of being a duo and worried about the stresses of business on our relationship. So, we promised that we’d stay vigilant and focus on brotherhood above the business. We have started to write together but still also write separately.  It is just ever evolving and there can still be some bickering but no one is the worse for it. Our family is over the moon and so very supportive of what we’re doing.

What can people expect at a live show?

TBB: Our writing really takes the forefront and we have some very well written songs. We don’t just harmonize but create really unique harmonies that often surprise. For those that haven’t heard our music before this is going to be a musical experience that is enriching and will challenge their concepts on what great music is. I guess we have confidence with that! (laughing)

Your single “Siren Song” went viral during the last year+ and has netted over 24 million streams on Spotify alone, what was the experience of seeing your work take off like that?

TBB: We’re so very thankful for the reaction. It was very random that it became #1 on so many lists. Just feels amazing and also random at the same time. Even felt weird to see actual money from Spotify. That song exploding has also sustained us during the last while, however, we still really want to encourage audiences to buy music over streaming as there continue to be huge issues of stealing on various platforms and the devaluing of creativity. Art should be accessible but not at the artists’ expense.

We always love to find more new and upcoming artists. Can each of you share an artist that you’ve been enjoying lately?

TBB: That’s hard to choose! One would be Courtney Marie Andrews and I really encourage people to dig into her music and catalogues as there are incredible nuances to her music and production. Another one we listen to all the time is Renata Zieguer from New York. We just love her music and listen all the time.

Thanks to Adam and David Moss, aka The Brother Brothers for taking the time to speak with us and make sure to grab your $10 ticket to their performance on August 22!

Interview by Rich Hobby.

The 10 x 10 series series is supported via a grant from Nils and Jewel Hult Endowment – Arts Foundation of Western Oregon Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation.