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Welcome to The Hult Center's Serenity Room

Creating an Inclusive Experience: The Hult Center’s Serenity Room

At the Hult Center for the Performing Arts, we believe in the power of the arts to bring people together, to inspire, and to create lasting memories. To achieve this, we are committed to removing barriers and ensuring that everyone, regardless of their unique needs, can fully enjoy the magic of live performances.

One of the ways we demonstrate this commitment is through our Serenity Room, a haven of tranquility designed to enhance the experience of patrons who may benefit from a calm and private environment during their visit to the Hult Center.

A Space for Serenity

The Serenity Room is a testament to our dedication to inclusivity. It’s a space carefully crafted to offer comfort, solace, and sensory support for those who need it. We understand that the excitement and energy of a live performance can sometimes be overwhelming for individuals with sensory sensitivities, anxiety, or other conditions. That’s why we’ve created this safe and welcoming retreat.

What You’ll Find in the Serenity Room

As you step into the Serenity Room, you’ll discover a peaceful oasis designed to cater to a variety of sensory needs. Here’s what you can expect to find:

  • Comfortable Seating

We want you to feel relaxed and at ease, so we provide comfortable seating.

  • Dimmed Lighting

We’ve adjusted the lighting in the room to create a soothing atmosphere, allowing you to escape the bright lights of the lobby and theater.

  • Sensory Items

For those who find comfort in tactile stimulation, we offer a selection of sensory items that can provide a sense of calm and focus.

  • Electrical Wall Outlet

We understand the importance of staying connected, so you’ll also find an electrical wall outlet for your convenience.

How to Access the Serenity Room

Visiting the Serenity Room is easy. If you or a member of your party would benefit from this serene space, simply reach out to one of our friendly ushers. They’ll be more than happy to assist you in accessing the room.

Our Commitment to Inclusivity

At the Hult Center, our commitment to inclusivity goes beyond physical accessibility. It extends to creating an environment where every patron can enjoy the arts in their own way. The Serenity Room is just one example of how we strive to meet the diverse needs of our audience.

We invite you to experience the Hult Center’s commitment to inclusivity firsthand. Join us for an upcoming performance, and if you or a loved one could benefit from the Serenity Room, don’t hesitate to ask our ushers for assistance.

Together, we can ensure that the magic of the performing arts is accessible and enjoyable for all.

For more information about the Serenity Room or to plan your visit, please contact the Front of House Manager, Louise Thomas-Vails at or visit our website.