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Welcome to 2023: Your Enjoyment is Our Pleasure

The Arts are fundamental to our humanity. It lightens, enlivens, and delights us. It encourages us to acknowledge ambiguity, paradox, and pain. It helps us to collectively experience what it is to be human.

In our technology driven world, art delivery systems are ever changing and can be isolating (Netflix and chill). Yet, experiencing live performance—a collective moment in time connected in the same space—significantly differs in that it fulfills a human need for belonging. These social encounters also spark creativity, lower stress hormones, and contribute to feelings of well-being.

A woman under an umbrella with logo

Part of the magic of the live performance and social connection at the Hult Center is the genuine empathy, care and compassion patrons receive from our Front of House team. Comprised of Ushers and volunteer Arts Ambassadors, this team is set apart from other venues in their dedication to the culture of transformative experiences and welcoming, effervescent encounters. Our team’s motto is, “Your enjoyment is our pleasure.”

Since the Arts belong to everyone, our goal is to create many pathways to magical experiences by understanding our patrons’ needs.

One new customer service offering is our Umbrella Assistance at 6th Avenue, where Ushers and Arts Ambassadors greet patrons and offer respite from the rain with umbrellas as they traverse the ramp to the exterior door on the north side. We do our best to predict the weather!

Personal Concierge Service—another exciting addition to our service repertoire—has proven to be integral for patrons needing additional assistance navigating the Hult Center’s spaces. This beautiful 40-year-old building has its share of quirks and idiosyncrasies, so having a helping hand eliminates anxiety, aids in welcoming and provides access for folks needing additional assistance. Patrons may contact me a couple of weeks before their visit with their specific needs and I will arrange an Arts Ambassador to be a welcoming presence by greeting them at an entrance and assisting them to their seats.

We see these new additions to our service as opportunities to build relationships with our patrons. We love the chance to go the extra mile for folks who need a helping hand.

If you would like to take advantage of any of these services please reach out to Louise Thomas-Vails our Front of House Manager at the Hult Center.

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