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Programming Picks: New Music for May

In our latest blog series “Programming Picks”, the Hult Center’s Director of Programming & Booking, Vicki Infinito, will be sharing her latest favorites when it comes to music & artists, whether they be up and coming or artists she’s revisited. Here is what Vicki shared with us for this month:

I’m getting pretty excited about booking shows again for the Fall and beyond and have been listening to a lot of music, some new and some I just haven’t listened to for a while. I have been enjoying some more cinematic and atmospheric music recently and am really enjoying artists like Son Lux, their newest album Tomorrow III has been a regular for me during the work day.

I am actually getting on a plane for the first time in over a year this week and one of my go to plane albums is Max Richter – Sleep it is over eight hours long. I typically am lulled to sleep by about four songs into the album.

One of my other favorites is Ólafur Arnalds;  his latest album some kind of peace  just makes me want to go wander around a forest amongst alpine wildflowers and lay in tall grass while feeling the sun on my face. It’s a truly beautiful album that makes me appreciate the beauty that we live in here in Oregon. The video for New Grass is a stunningly beautiful timelapse of moss reacting to water and what says the Pacific Northwest more than, well…moss.

I highly recommend taking the time to check out these Artists if you haven’t heard of them, who knows maybe they will grace the Hult Center stages one day. You can also check out the Spotify playlist below for a wider selection of songs by these artists and some other similar artists! Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for another edition of “Programming Picks” next month!