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Threadbare poster of Haley Heyndericks

Our Intern's Five Favorite Haley Heynderickx Songs In No Particular Order

Our intern is a pretty big Haley fan and he’s super excited about the upcoming show. In anticipation for the show he sat down and put together a list of his top 5 Haley songs.

Drinking Song –  The final song on the album I Need to Start a Garden has all the ingredients I need for the ultimate sad song. This track draws you in immediately with a beautiful acoustic melody. It has gorgeous vocal inflections in every verse. This one hits deep. The chorus of Drinking Song is my favorite moment throughout the entire album.

Worth It – This song kicks off with a soothing guitar in the intro. Her lyrics paint a perfect picture, for example: “So you’re waiting on the coastline, waiting for the right sign, waiting for the opportunity to hit you right. So put me in a line, add another line, soon you’ll have a box and you can put me inside.” Haley explores varied levels of sounds in Worth It, switching back and forth between laid-back to passionate. It’s 7.5 minutes of perfection.

The Bug Collector –  The album has a theme running throughout, gardening and bugs. With this song the bug metaphors are more pronounced. It gets better each time I listen, the more I pay attention to her words. I love the line “And there’s a praying mantis, prancing on your bathtub. And you swear it’s a priest from a past life out to getcha.” Haley’s delivery and harmonies in each verse are also gorgeous.

Haley HeynderickX album art

Show You a Body – This track kicks off with a dazzling piano intro and the lyrics: “I’m letting you go… awry.” But I’m more into the outro. I am a sucker for songs with repetitive outros.  And this one fits the bill. As Haley sings “I am humbled by breaking down” nearly a dozen times I am hit with those words again and again and feel something different each time.

No Face – This is the first song on the album I Need to Start a Garden and it eases you into what this record has in store. I love the contrast of the song title with her lyrics, it lets you know where the album is going from the start. Haley uses such poetic and descriptive language; I can picture exactly what she’s saying in my mind. “Is it the bridge between worlds that makes you feel alone? Well I wish that I had known, you’re alone.” I’ve felt this before, but unable to put into words.

We hope you join us on May 15, 2022 for Haley Heynderickx at The Hult Center as part of our 10×10 series. Where all tickets are just $10.

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