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On the Turntable with Eydís Evensen

On Eydís Evensen’s latest release, the mood is serene and beautiful. So you might be surprised to find Led Zeppelin atop her playlist. We honestly couldn’t be more excited about her upcoming 10×10 performance on October 14 “where every ticket is just $10.” Before the show please enjoy Eydís’ current top five albums.

The following was provided to the Hult Center by Eydís Evensen.

Led Zeppelin – Houses of the Holy

I’m always in the mood for listening to this album, as it has such a wonderful variety of emotions and therefore can always suit it towards my day. I’m currently listening to ‘Rain Song’ whilst writing this, it’s just absolutely breathtaking and a very interesting contrast to for example ‘No Quarter’.

A Love Supreme – John Coltrane

Autumn has officially arrived in Iceland, and during this time of year I tend to listen more to jazz than I normally do. This album, especially ‘Part II – Resolution’, is just an absolute explosion of beauty. Coltrane has an incredible way of expression, that is such a continuous force of inspiration.

St. Germain – Tourist

This is an album that I jump often into, because I grew up listening to this album – It feels like a breath of relaxation, every single time I run through it. ‘Sure Thing’ is one of my favorite tracks, and it’s perfect for this time of year too. It’s starting to feel darker by the day, and it can sometimes feel like you have to prepare mentally for the arrival of winter, as they tend to be quite dark and rough. This album definitely helps to sooth out this transition of season.

Dark Side of The Moon – Pink Floyd

This album is one of my favorite vinyl listening experiences, due to the storytelling throughout musical expression. There are not many albums which I have listened to, as often as this one, all the way through. They have created their own world of soundscapes and it’s inspiring, as I am preparing for my first ever North American Tour.

Bonobo – Migration

This is a wonderful listening experience. I first got into the album while living in Australia when it had just come out and it feels like a sense of exploration, which feels perfect before departing for my upcoming trip. One of my favorite tracks is ‘Bambro Koyo Ganda’, it includes a wonderful chant and depths of electronic textures.

Find your next favorite artist. Every ticket at a 10×10 show is just $10 and we’ll see you at Eydís Evensen on October 14.

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