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March 2024 Notebook

Welcome to The Notebook. Every month explore the new sounds that the Hult Center team (and some special guests) are listening to.

Eryn Hummel – Marketing Coordinator

Glass Beams’ fresh drop Mahal is a five-track EP laced with the signature essence the band is calling “serpentine psychedelia.” The EP dissolves echoes of the group’s Indian heritage into palatial, trancelike soundscapes delivered by the trio whose opulent masks make tribute to the mystique that resides in every track. Winding and hypnotic, the release fluently braids allure with discovery.

Glass BeamsMahal

Rich Hobby – Director of Marketing

Many of us at the Hult Center became lifelong fans of Icelandic composer/producer Ólafur Arnalds when he stopped by during his Some Kind of Peace tour in 2022, so I was super happy to see the release of new music from his collaborative project KIASMOS with Janus Rasmussen for the EP Flown. The release has 3 songs which are engrossing, electronic and instrumental. These are more ambient tracks than some of his other electronic work, but still has a fine offering of melodic and sweeping moments, especially the intro piano in “Dazed”. Perfect music to have in the background while the energies of winter and spring ebb and flow.

KiasmosFlown EP

Daniel Olbrych – Content and Design Coordinator

DON BROCO Live from the Royal Albert Hall finally comes home on vinyl (Digital Release, November 2023) and the Bedford post-hardcore-pop-rock quartet has never sounded better. The performance features 12 BROCO classics with a live orchestra and choir, recorded live from The Royal Albert Hall on 21st March 2022 in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust. From start to finish, it’s a greatest hits collection made all the better because of the energy in that room. It’s apparent these guys are feeling it. DON BROCO is remarkable, The Royal Albert Hall legendary and benefiting Teenage Cancer Trust important. There is no favorite song to mention, this is an amazing thing straight through.

DON BROCOLive from the Royal Albert Hall

Zeph Michaels – Sr. Admin Specialist

I had a Mandela Effect moment this week with DIIV, a band I thought I really liked, but thought for sure they had broken up… only to learn they’re putting out a new album and doing the talk show circuit. Usually if you think a band is no longer together it doesn’t say much about the quality of their new work. Luckily for me (and luckily for you too if you’re a shoegazer) that isn’t the case with DIIV’s upcoming album Frog in Boiling Water. If you’re a fan of the  usual shoegaze suspects like MBV and Slowdive check this album out. It feels fresher than anything they’ve put out in a long time. “Soul-Net” is my favorite track I’ve heard off of the new album – evoking a lot of sonic similarities to another band that likes adding vowels in the middle of their name, Suuns. It’s dancy, dark, dreamy, heavy, and catchy!

DIIV – “Soul-Net”

Greg – House of Records

Seventies power pop is alive and well 50 years later. Two things stand out on this record. The guitar player is incredible; some of his leads sound like Duane Allman. And the singer has a pair of lungs that are so strong she sounds like she’s singing through a bullhorn. Catchy and tough at the same time.

Sheer MagPlaying Favorites

Another great Colemine label soul release from a current band. Hard to believe this music wasn’t made in the 1960s. This record is dominated by the amazing singing and background vocals. The spare horn arrangements and guitar playing never clutter the songs. Thirty seven minutes of sweet soul music that leaves you wanting more.

Thee SinseersSinseerly Yours

Abbey Aronica – Marketing Manager

I have been anxiously awaiting new music from Hozier and I was not disappointed. This EP has 4 songs including one with a feature from the amazing Allison Russell. The most anticipated single on this EP is “Too Sweet” which rose to TikTok fame in a matter of days with over 42 million streams in about a week. This is the perfect upbeat song as we approach summer – upbeat, punchy lyrics and extremely catchy. I’ve been a Hozier fan for years now and it’s safe to say I’m waiting patiently for the full album.


Dusty Adair – Talent Buyer

Avery Anna is a rising country singer. She is known for her sad songs but this song is different from her other ones. This time around she is mad and this song has a rhythm that draws you in. The minute it popped up on my playlist I was all about it. The song has a great melody and catchy hooks. The lyrics are definitely relatable to its listeners.

Avery Anna – “Make It Look Easy”

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