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Hult Center Notebook, June 2022

June was jammed packed with new music, new Star Wars, good reading and some very nice weather. We’re exhausted.

Rich Hobby – Director of Marketing

More Content – Barry Can’t Swim: I’ve been replaying this new EP from Barry Can’t Swim anytime the temp starts to approach the 80s, which means it’s on A LOT this week. The songs have dancy beats but with really nice elements worked in with soul vocals and atmospheric shifts. Perfect background tunes to relax to, especially the first EP track “Sonder” which almost give me 90s UK R&B feels at times.

II – Havana Swim Club: I was just speaking about Havana Swim Club and their fantastic 2021 self-titled album and how frustrated I was that I discovered it late. Well, I’m not getting got again and was hot on their new EP “II” which was just released and contains the splendid sun soaked vibes that I clearly have a big appetite for during the summer months. Fave track from this EP would be “Twilight” which has a delightful Washed Out feel to its easy-going groove.

Album Cover for

Daniel Olbrych – Design and Content Coordinator

Cracker Island – Gorillaz (Featuring Thundercat): Damon Albarn (Blur) and artist Jamie Hewlett’s (Tank Girl) cartoon band kick off summer with a banger. If this doesn’t get your toes a tapping, I just don’t know what will. The track is a step up from ‘Song Machine’ (2020), which despite it’s star power suffered from an identity crisis. With Cracker Island, 2-D, Murdoc Niccals, Noodle and Russel Hobbs are joined by the grammy award winning real-life person and bassist Thundercat.

Nowhere – Graveyard Club: Well, add Graveyard Club to the list of great bands to come out of Minneapolis. (The Replacements, Motion City Soundtrack, Animal Chin, and The Stereo*) Their new album ‘Moonflower’ is a synth driven pop dream and I absolutely love it.

Vaxis – Act II: A Window of the Waking Mind – Coheed and Cambria: A couple months back I wrote about The Liars Club and now that I have ‘Vaxis – Act II’ in my hands (and on vinyl), I’m happy to report that this album is the best thing Coheed has done in at least 15 years, and maybe possibly ever. For fans of Deep Purple’s Child in Time and Yes’ Close to the Edge, only a bit more metal.

*The Stereo just put out their first new record in 20 years that’s also worth listening to.

Gorillaz Album Cover
Album cover for James Bay's

Dusty Adair – Talent Buyer

Fire On Wheels, Kip Moore: Fire On Wheels is a new song from Kip Moore’s upcoming album. When I first heard this song, I wanted to start dancing. It is one of those songs that instantly increases your energy level, which is one thing I love about music. Kip Moore has always leaned on rock to influence his songs, but I feel like with this new single he is taking it to another level.

Everybody Needs Someone, James Bay: This song came on while listening to a random playlist. I haven’t really listened to James Bay since his hit Let It Go, but this song has great lyrics. All of James Bay’s songs have great meaning, but Everybody Needs Someone, hits home because everyone wants to find that one person they can connect with.

Blake Argotsinger – Marketing Manager

Canopée – Polo & Pan: Yes, these guys are due to put out some music but the recent heat that has me rotating Polo & Pan’s music into my regular listening. Squeeze some fresh lemons, grab a sprig of mint from the garden, mix with something with bubbly over ice and enjoy Canopée on your patio in the slowly cooling night air. Follow up with Nanä and you’ll likely find yourself suavely moving your hips underneath the softly glowing patio lights.
Album Cover of Polo and Pan's

What did you find that’s made a home on your playlist?

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