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Hult Center Notebook, July 2022

How are we in August already? We got through a heatwave and here we are again. A bunch of new stuff for you to listen to (and watch).

Abbey Aronica – Marketing Coordinator

Home, Before and After – Regina Spektor: I may be cheating (a little bit) since this album was released at the end of June but I finally got around to listening to Regina Spektor’s new album and it did not disappoint. I’m a longtime fan of Regina and after a 6 year hiatus from making new music, I welcomed this album with open arms. This album is definitely more defined and honed than her earlier albums which are a bit more kooky and whimsical. She still maintains the style that we all know and love, though, and I can’t recommend listening enough. Some standouts would be “Loveology” for something a little light and bouncy, and “Up the Mountain” for that hauntingly inimitable Spektor sound.

Hello, Hi – Ty Seagall: I can’t help myself when it comes to moody music (not surprising if you peruse my Spotify/past Notebook entries), and Ty Seagall’s new album has all of the things I love. Mellow tunes that help you slow down and retain some calm moments. This is my favorite side of Ty Seagall’s style, as he takes a break from his more upbeat, high paced music and seems to focus on the acoustic harmonies. If melancholy music isn’t something you like to indulge in daily, this is the perfect album for a rainy day or late night car ride.

Rich Hobby, Director of Marketing

The Last Goodbye – Odesza: It’s taken everything I have to not just feature singles from this album’s slow drip all spring and early summer as each release only got me more excited for the full album unveiling last week. Well, that time finally passed and I’m a giddy boy whose been dreamily floating on the delicious production, beats and melodies in each track. The album also features an amazing collection of guest appearances from vocalists and composers, including recent Hult Center performer Olafur Arnalds on the track “Light of Day”. This album is likely to be on heavy rotation until the first drops of rain this fall.

Wrote a Lil Song – Chong the Nomad, Maiah Manser: I’ve been a fan of these two PNW artists for years, and was delighted to catch news that the two collaborated on this new indie-pop track. The song is an effervescently fun track that is a fantastic intro to both artists vibes, though leans more heavily to Chong the Nomads synth and poppy percussion style but leaves room for Maiah’s incredible voice to make its presence felt. Definitely check out more from each artist as they are both currently making waves and showing up in a good deal of curated playlists.

Daniel Olbrych – Design and Content Coordinator

Holy Water Hangover – Butch Walker: It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Butch Walker. And while you might not know the name you’ve definitely heard his work. He is the creative genius producer behind the likes of Fall Out Boy, Pink, Panic at the Disco, Avril Lavigne, Katy Perry, Weezer, Taylor Swift… you get the idea. His new track is a lovely track written from the perspective of a bar singer named Glenn. I’m excited to hear some more jams from this Glenn fellow. 

Beatopia – beabadoobee: This record is dreamy fun, confident, and inspiring. Just throw it on and enjoy the heck out of it.

Wonderful Life – Two Door Cinema Club: You can turn a bad day around in just 3 minutes and 19 seconds with the new song from acclaimed Irish indie band Two Door Cinema Club. If this song is any indication what the new album will sound like, sign me up.

Dusty Adair – Talent Buyer

All American (TV): This is a good show that I have just recently started binge watching. It is inspired by the life of NFL Superbowl Champ, Spencer Paysinger. It touches on problems that are happening in the real world such as racial inequality, poverty, mental illness, addiction, suicide awareness and prosperity. It has a good storyline that keeps you watching.

Night Moves – Lissie: The minute this song started, it made me think of Stevie Nicks. The song is about missing someone that you care about, which I think we all can relate to. It has a great summer vibe and is one I will be adding to my playlist.

What did you discover this past month?

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