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Wide angle view from the stage of Silva Concert Hall

ENGAGE: Virtual Careers in the Arts - Director of Programming & Booking

The Hult Center’s Education & Community Engagement program released another installment of their Virtual Careers in the Arts series last week. This series of interviews allows students an opportunity to connect and learn how professionals in our venue developed their careers. Join Jen Cumberworth as she chats with Vicki Infinito, our Director of Programming & Booking.

In this latest session of our Careers in the Arts series, I got to chat with our amazing Director of Programming & Booking, Vicki Infinito. Vicki walked us through the difference between programming, booking, agents and promoters, and how shows actually make their way to the Hult Center. We learned about some fun job perks, like seeing tons of unique shows, and some of the challenges that come with not having a traditional office job. Vicki walked us through her unique pathway to her current job, and we chatted about some of the great rewards that come with taking big risks!

Interested in watching live? You can email our Education Department or head to our Education Programs page and sign up to receive Zoom information. Our next session will be on Tuesday, May 11th at 4 pm with the Hult Center’s Events Manager, Kim Weiland.