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April 2023 Notebook

Welcome to The Notebook. Every month explore the new sounds that the Hult Center team (and some special guests) are listening to.

April hits like a ton of bricks with Enter Shikari and Metallica. And then chills out hard with Daughter and Phoria. From jazz to metal and everything in between, April brought some fresh sounds. Have a listen!

Abbey Aronica – Marketing Manager

Forever a fan of soft, indie folk tunes, Daughter definitely delivered on their latest album. This album was exactly what my inner angsty teen needed and suddenly it’s 2010 again & I’m scrolling through Tumblr in my feelings. But seriously, this album is ambient, poetic and explores a wide range of emotion that is achingly beautiful. Definite highlight off this album is ‘Party’ – it very accurately captures that internal spiral you go through during moments of change and uncertainty. Break out your Kleenex’s and enjoy!

Daughter, Stereo Mind Games

Greg – House of Records

Maybe the most hyped record of the year (so far), and it actually delivers the goods. Overall it sounds like…old Metallica! Epic intros; grinding tempos; long, long songs; shredding solos. A surprising return to form.

Indie-pop singer-songwriter has written two of my favorite songs of the year (so far), right near the end of her latest record, The Art of Forgetting. “Jill Says” is a dreamy meditation drenched in reverb and atmosphere. “Love Song For Myself” has a funky bassline, crisp drumming, and a clever set of lyrics that are either affirmations or ironic. Or both!

Metallica, 72 Seasons

Caroline Rose, The Art of Forgetting

Rich Hobby – Director of Marketing

This UK trio consistently put out some of the best contemporary classical and jazz compositions and their newest full-length album, Gift from the Trees, is an exceptional audio voyage. Featuring saxophone, piano, and drums, the album kicks off to a frenetic piano arpeggio that begins to blend under emotive waves and delicate and precise percussion. Each song feels like a different path through nature, some feeling plucky and energetic, and others feeling brooding and explorative. I found this album to also demonstrate a new comfort for the trio with the tracks blending in a way that makes the entire album interconnected and purposeful, which I find all the more impressive with instrumental projects. Also, there are a few moments where saxophonist, Jordan Smart, just absolutely rips, and I am here for it.

Mammal Hands, Gift from the Trees

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Daniel Olbrych – Content and Design Coordinator

Enter Shikari has become a daily listen for me. Each album doing something totally different. With ‘A Kiss…’ Enter Shikari have balanced the near impossible, aggressive positivity. This record is pretty intense from the get go. It’s 33 minutes of non-stop messaging of overcoming the odds and being happy and being yourself dished out as hard as possible without ever being angry. I cannot stop listening. It’s a dance party and the kids love it too. It’s also Enter Shikari’s first number 1 record on the UK charts in their 20 year career. And for an independent release to topple the likes of Taylor Swift, Metallica, and The 1975, well that’s worth dancing to.

On the other end of the audio spectrum I have Phoria and the very chill ‘River Oblivion.’ This is a beautiful and calm album. This is what happens when a band let’s go of any preconceived notions of what sound is it that defines them. Through on some headphones and space the heck out.

Enter Shikari, A Kiss for the Whole World

Phoria, River Oblivion

Dusty Adair – Talent Buyer

As soon as this song came on it instantly reminded me of something I would blast with all the windows down on a hot summer day. The song is about someone who lost the opportunity to be with the other. I love songs that are relatable and upbeat. This song is one I could play on repeat.

MUNA, One That Got Away

Vicki Infinito – Director of Programming and Booking

I have another new to be band from a friends Instagram post, he saw them play in Michigan and said it was one of the best live shows he has ever seen. The War and Treaty and their new album Lover’s Game. If you like soulful, rocking country music give this duo a listen. Damn are they great!

The War and Treaty, Lover’s Game

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What’s on your playlist this month?

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