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Watkins Family Hour

Soreng Theater

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Watkins Family Hour is a collaborative musical project founded by musicians and siblings Sara Watkins and Sean Watkins and traditionally held at beloved Los Angeles club Largo. Since the first Watkins Family Hour show in 2002, the duo has released three studio albums, debuting with their self-titled album in 2015, following with Brother Sister in 2020 and, most recently, releasing Vol. II in August 2022. Sean and Sara recorded Vol. II at Los Angeles’s East West Studios in early 2022 alongside a stacked roster of longtime and new Family Hour collaborators, including Fiona Apple, Jackson Browne, Madison Cunningham, Lucius, Jon Brion and more. As with their debut, the band will tour in support of Vol. II, bringing the Watkins Family Hour experiences to stages far and wide.

As both Sean and Sara continue to work on their own solo music, as well as with their other bands like Nickel Creek and I’m With Her, Watkins Family Hour remains an invaluable resource and respite for them both, offering a familiar but ever-evolving space to test new ideas, meet new collaborators and, most importantly, have a good time doing what they love.




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Why you’ll love it: 

Nickel Creek fans already know the progressive bluegrass greatness that siblings Sean and Sara Watkins created with Chris Thile in the 90s and early 2000s. If you like folk, bluegrass, harmony, or good music in general…you’ll really dig Watkins Family Hour. Watch this throwback to the trio performing a Tiny Desk Concert.

Listen to Watkins Family Hour’s 2020 album “Brother Sister”

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