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Grey, green, and white illustration of athlete Prefontaine with black and green text on the left side

Eugene Symphony: Prefontaine

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Francesco Lecce-Chong, conductor
*Chloe Tula, harp
+Searmi Park, violin

David Schiff: Stomp: Re-Lit
*Handel: Harp Concerto
+Vivaldi: Violin Concerto in E minor

The audience at the June 2022 premiere of Oregon composer David Schiff’s PREFONTAINE was thrilled and moved to tears, so we are proud to present this encore performance as we celebrate the life and legacy of legendary runner Steve Prefontaine. At the top of the program, we’ll hear another of Schiff’s works, Stomp: Re-Lit, a tribute to the Soul music legend James Brown. In between, Francesco will play harpsichord as he and the orchestra accompany two of his favorite musicians with whom to collaborate: harpist Chloe Tula in George Frideric Handel’s blissful Harp Concerto and Concertmaster Searmi Park in Antonio Vivaldi’s bustling Violin Concerto.

Presented by Eugene Symphony

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