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Starting September 1, 2021, all patrons must provide proof of vaccination or negative Covid test to attend performances.  Full details on policy, refunds and FAQs are available on our Health & Safety section.



Welcome to the Resources section

This area features educational resources aimed at helping teachers and students find deeper ways to engage with the content and subjects featured in various performances.


We Got Work to Do! Anti-Racism Mini Course

Building the just world we all want to see — one beat, one movement, one moment at a time.
Being anti-racist is lifelong learning.
This learning is important but can also be joyful, even in complicated circumstances – both when we are alone and when we are in community learning from each other. There is no tough topic we can’t embrace with love.
We meet you where you are while fostering brave conversation with kids designed to interrupt racism and stand up for one another.
The We Got Work To Do Anti-Racism Mini-Course will:
  • Empower young people to be proud of their identities and feel powerful enough to change their world
  • Model advocacy and intersectionality
  • Challenge oppressive language and bias
  • Give adults starting points for meaningful conversations about challenging relevant topics with children


Staff Q&A’s and Study Guides in support of their streamed performances of Jack and the Beanstalk, Harriet Tubman and Little Red Hen.

Study Guides:

Free Virtual Resources